Cute Corks




I love succulents.  One of the main reasons is that it is the only plant I can keep alive in my house.  They are low maintenance, as you only need to water them twice a month.  So, every payday, water your succulents.  I was in a good rhythm of this when I had a job, but when I became a full-time student this year, it was a bit more of a challenge to remember…but I am happy to say my succulent is still going strong.  I came across a picture of these adorable miniature succulent cork magnets awhile back and have been wanting to try it out.  After becoming pregnant, corks are also less frequent in the house, so I wasn’t sure how I would collect enough to make this possible.  Thanks to an Antique Mall in Bellingham my mom and I found a bag of corks for $4.00.  This DIY had to be done.Image

First, you will need to dig out a hole in the middle of your cork.  This is harder than it looks!  My mom and I were both digging and cutting for quite awhile to get the hole deep enough for us to put the succulent dirt and stem in. Image

Next, we hot glued magnets on the back of the corks.  We used long strips of magnets, but it might be cuter and better to buy single round magnets, that are really strong. 

We were in line at RONA, about to buy a succulent and some succulent soil, and it dawned on me that succulent soil comes with the succulent!  And you need so little, that the bag of succulent soil would actually be a joke.  So we just dug soil out from old succulents around the house and with a baby spoon and spooned in the soil, with a drip or two of water.   We took parts of succulents, making sure to leave on enough stem that it would dig down into our scooped out holes.  Image

And voila – there you have it…the cutest LIVE magnets that I have ever seen!  ImageImageImageThis DIY was so easy and the results put a smile on my face!  I hope you’ll try!


Jillian Marie