Let’s talk hair as, recently, I got the chop.  I feel very lucky that my best friend is also my hairstylist.  She is uber talented and blows me away with her creative eye for colours and cuts (she also has an amazing blog, with a must-see giveaway at the moment – click here to check her out!)  I had been trying to grow my hair out in order to hop on the ombré train but with my hair-type – thin and not much of it – this process was proving to take a long time.  By the time my hair would be long enough, I would have been sending Judah off to Kindergarten.   I was also liking how easy it was to throw my hair up in a messy-bun and be done with it for the day.  As a new mom, time in the bathroom is short and sweet, so the messy bun went from a wanna-be hipster look, to my everyday lazy look.  (Now I just let Judah pull off the hipster hair.  After his Dr. Phil doppelgänger phase his hair now only grows on the top, just like every guy living on Main St.)  So, in need of a new do, I started searching Pinterest, and with great joy discovered short hair can totally pull off the ombré look!  I was in shock and awe.  I thought it would look a little ridiculous, or chunky but it actually works!  I texted Kelsey as soon as I discovered it and decided I would get my hair shombré’d.  Short-Ombre.  Spread the word.  Hey, YOLO and FOMO had to start somewhere.


Now, in my limited bathroom time, it takes me 5 minutes to blow-dry and another 5 minutes to flat iron.  It is simple, yet feels chic and with a bolder colour choice makes it my fun new accessory.

And let’s be honest…this is the real scene as these photos were being taken…


Now that I am having fun with my short new do, and Becki is always coming up with something funky when it comes to her long gorgeous locks, we decided to start a new column on the blog in the New Year.  Check back for ‘the long and short of things‘ where we will take turns giving tips and tricks on different ways to style long and short hair.  How fun!


Jillian Marie

ps.  Vancouver friends – less than one week until my craft fair debut!  Come on out and bring your friends!  All details here!


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