Happy Monday!  It’s starting to feel more and more like Christmas with all the lights going up, decorations in the grocery store and the cooler weather rolling in.  What a wonderful time of the year.

With this wonderful time of the year comes festive parties and get togethers and the need for cute hostess gifts.  Here I bring you what I think is a cute and unique hostess gift or to add to your fireplace mantle for christmas decor!  All of the supplies, minus the spray paint, were bought at Dollarama!  Oh to live in the suburbs…with a Dollarama in close proximity.  When I was in Kelowna I popped in a few times and loved strolling the aisles.  I bought a few nick nacks, including a mug with a sweater.  A few days after my sweater-mug purchase I was scrolling through Oprah’s favourite things and you’ll never guess what one of them was.  Yup.  A sweater-wearing mug.  How cool!  Mine cost $3.00, I think the ones in her magazine were $10.00 and they are exactly the same.  Go get one.

But back to my dollar store hack.  Here is what you need:


 Animals from the toy section, candles in mason jars, and crazy glue (not pictured) are all from Dollarama.  The gold metallic spray paint is from Wal-mart and oh my I have so many ideas of how I will be using the rest of this can.


 Simply spray, let dry, and then crazy glue the animals on the lids.  This probably didn’t need an explanation, but I’m in a chatty mood, and I have no one to talk to.  Jude-dude is sawing logs and Matty-boy is writing a final exam.  It’s just me…and my thoughts…and this blog…and chocolate wafers…and tea in my sweater-mug…I love tea in the winter…


Click here for other creative ways to use dollar store animals. I just love how they go from basic children’s toy to a statement piece!

And a quick update:  The Christmas Artisan Market that I was apart of last weekend was a huge success!  Tray’s Anatomy was very close to selling out and it was a dream come true actually having the chance to sell my creations.  I am so thankful for sweet friends that stopped by to support and for my gorgeous, penguin-sweater-wearing Mama for travelling all the way from Kelowna to help me sell sell sell and babysit.  I just love her.



Jillian Marie


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